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All regarding business process outsourcing

All regarding business process outsourcing
So what is business process outsourcing all about? Simply put, it has to do with getting other companies to take over some aspect of your business activities for a fee. This world of business was introduced into the business world in the mid-1980s. In the beginning, payroll functions were provided or given out for outsourcing. However, companies started to include management of worker benefits for this outsourcing. However, it has not become common for so many companies to outsource some services now. This means that call center operations, accountancy functions, customer service activities, human
resource related activities, etc. can be outsourced today easily.
Most of the activities in the business that are outsourced are those that aren’t core in the running of the business. However, they are also important. Today, you can decide to try business process outsourcing in South Africa.
Why should you outsource to South Africa?
Most people when they think about South Africa outsourcing decide to cancel things out. That is what leads to a huge problem. It is always important for you to do what is right to get the right results. So why do you outsource to South Africa?
1.       Skilled English speakers. Today, South Africa boasts to be one of the most affluent African countries where fluent and skilled English speakers can be found. The English accent in South Africa can be understood with ease. It is also preferred when compared to some other destinations.
2.       Major cost savings. Offshore business process outsourcing in South Africa compared to some other destinations offers you with the best of cost savings. You can expect to save at least 60% of money compared to other counties like the USA, the UK, Australia, etc. 
3.       Perfect infrastructure. In South Africa, the telecommunications infrastructure is ideal. You get to benefit from high-speed fiber. This means you can count on quick, affordable, and reliable connectivity. This makes business transactions very simple and easy.
4.       The right level of educated workforce. South Africa creates or produces about 180,000 tertiary graduates and 430,000 high school graduates every year. This means the level of education, knowledge, understanding, and creativity is high to help with such business activities.
5.       Time zone uniqueness. South Africa works on the same time zones like Europe and the United Kingdom. This makes it strategically positioned to provide companies in the European market with the best service and customer support to Canada, USA, & Australia.
6.       24/7 operations. Not all bpo companies worldwide can provide you with such 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service. However, the best South African companies provide and make that available. So all you need is the right bpo company and you good to go.
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