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The ute camper that guarantees easy travel

The ute camper that guarantees easy travel

Travelling is fun and enjoyable. It allows you to relish every minute as you marvel at the different sights and sounds nature has to offer. Taking some time off your busy schedule to enjoy with your friends and family helps ground and relax you.  Particularly if you travel somewhere relatively untouched by humans.

The best and safest way for you to enjoy this experience is to get a Tayon slide on camperfor a utility vehicle.
This type of camper fastens to the top of a flat bed tray, so there is no need to tow anything, allowing you to travel places trailers or caravans can’t go.

Taking time to research allows you to get more insight on the various campers available.

Searching for the best ute camper requires that you look at what is available to enable you to single out the best one that you can use. Let’s take a look at the different types that are easily available in the market.

·         Single cab, extra cab slide on camper or Dual-cab camper

·         Slide on camper trailer, or a trailer mount option (TMO)
·         Accessories and annex

Single cab or extra cab slide on camper

It can easily fit on most extra cab vehicles and can accommodate at least three people with the lounge easily converting to a third bed. This is ideal especially if you and your spouse would like to spend some time away from home as you enjoy each other’s company. You have a chance to choose from three models of the ute back camper. Choose the one that is easily compatible with your vehicle in order to give you an easy time when travelling.

Dual-cab camper

The dual cab camper comes is a few different widths to accomodate wide and narrow flat bed trays.It can accomodate up to 4 people and it comes in three models including the standard, deluxe and diesel model. You can enjoy a variety of features from the slide on campers models that will make your camping experience very memorable. The fact that the camper is fits within the vehicle tray width and lenght, while also fitting within your vehicles GVM range offers you easy access to all the areas in the camper.
TMO trailer

This kind of ute camper gives you extra comfort and comes fitted with a separate shower and toilet. If you don’t have a tray back vehicle and you don’t mind towing, the TMO trailer gives your some added features that ladies out there will appreciate.

It is ideal when travelling with more people because you may decide to pair it up with a deluxe model in order to gain access to two kitchens, showers, toilets as well as tanks. In case you are looking for a camper that is light in weight as well as versatile, then look no further because this is it.

Accessories and annex

Going for this kind of ute back camper allows you to get customized accessories as well as upgrades that will give you an enjoyable time when away from home. Including Solar power, annex, additional drawers and water tanks.
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