Friday, June 21, 2019

1. Advantages of having reviews for a tourism websites

1.  Advantages of having reviews for a tourism websites

Thanks to some websites like komodo trip and because of the growth of the usage of  smartphones in today’s world. We are in a world where the public are the videophers, photographers, publishers and the reviewers.

There are some people might be reviewing the tour or activity. If they are not then they should because of the online reviews are very much useful for the business. It enables to embed the labuan bajo trip reviews for the website. There are some reasons on why it is important to have the customer reviews to your websites.

The trust of the people
There are some days that are gone where the people used to go through the newspaper for the hotel reviews. As the technology has been developed, the people are using the internet for the reviews which is known as online reviews. It is because the people who are reviewing are the one who are like minded. The reviews that are given by them is very much real while comparing with the professional critic.

The reviews are suitable for SEO
When your website has some facility for the online review it is very much easy for SEO or Search Engine Optimisation strategy. The search engine will be crawling websites constantly like a unique content where it is updated regularly. When your website has some reviews while comparing with the competitor then the search engines will prefer your website as it is very much dynamic as opposed for the competition's static website.

Generate the feedback
Either it is good or bad, everyone wanted to know the feedback from their customers regarding their services. With the help of having some review facility it will help your customer as an encouragement by you. And by having the feedback on can able to improve the product , create an advocates etc.
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