Thursday, June 13, 2019

Vps Vs Vpn Are Very Different From Each Other

Vps Vs Vpn Are Very Different From Each Other
Some people often find it difficult to differentiate vps vs vpn. This may be due to the similarity of their names. One stands for 'virtual private server' and the other stands for 'virtual private network'. Beyond the names, there are many more differences between these two online services.
First of all, you must know that both services are needed to ensure safety while using the internet for performing tasks. Both VPS and VPN offer virtual services however, the services are different. This can easily be inferred from the presence of ‘private’ in their names. This may be the only similarities that can be found between the two. There are more differences than similarities between vps vs vpn.
Virtual Private Server (VPS)
This is a type of web hosting service, which the user perceives as a private server or a dedicated server. In reality, this virtual server is shared with other websites but each website has its privacy and some form of control.  So in one server, many different virtual private servers would be installed, each running its individual operating system. This system offers the control and privacy of the dedicated hosting service at a cheaper rate just like in a shared server.
This, on the other hand, is a network service that allows users to connect safely to the internet. It provides security against hacking, censorship and it has encryptions to prevent its readability in case of a breach. It can hide your IP address and your location, encrypt your data to provide protection and unblock censored sites and services.
The vps vs vpn services are out to offer security to users, it is possibly the reason some people mistake both services. They have separate functions and should not be mistaken. You can simply say, VPS provides privacy to website owners on a common sever while VPN provides private internet access to its users.
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