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The best TV wall mounts in comparison 2019

The best TV wall mounts in comparison 2019
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Which TVs can be put on the wall?
Most TVs are equipped with threaded holes on the back for wall mounting with a matching bracket. Threaded holes for the M4, M5, M6 or M8 screws, each with a 10 mm thread length, are usually found on the back of the flat screens. Even Curved TV's can be brought to the wall with appropriately designed brackets.
Of crucial importance is the carrying capacity of the wall bracket, so the attachment occupies a particularly important space.

Not all models available on the market are equally suitable for any TV. × Discard warning
The manufacturers provide information on which TV sets the brackets are each provided. The information on the limitation (eg in terms of the size in inches or the maximum weight of the TV) are generally indicative. Above all, the VESA standard is important(Video Electronics Standards Association). It serves to standardize the threaded hole distances. This ensures that TV sets can be mounted with the respective TV wall brackets in compliance with the VESA standard. In compliance with the VESA standard and the weight limit, it is theoretically possible to mount larger devices (in inches) on the wall brackets. The VESA standard results from the relation between the horizontal distance and the vertical distance of the threaded holes. For example, if these are each 400 mm apart, the dimensions correspond to a VESA standard of 400 × 400. Most wall mountings for televisions are universally applicable for many different models, so that is freely selectable,
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