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What Are The Different Benefits Of A Polygraph Or Lie Detector Test?

What Are The Different Benefits Of A Polygraph Or Lie Detector Test?

A lie detector test is a test that is used to detect people who are lying. These tests are usually conducted for investigative purposes, and even by employers who want to keep a track on the honest and the dishonest employees, The polygraph test records the various changes that occur in the human body when he is lying. These recordings usually show changes in blood pressure, heart rate, perspiration, etc.
Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of a lie detector testby employees.
·         Detects anyone dishonest:  If we talk about corporate firms, an employee cannot use polygraph test on an employee just like that, this is a federal law. But, if there is an investigation regarding a loos or theft in the firm, the employer has a right to run a test to chalk out the dishonest one. Although the test is not completely accurate, it can still put the investigation on the right path.

·         Harms the morale of the employee: When a theft or a loss occurs in a company, every employee is subject to taking the test. This includes even the honest employees. This will make him feel threatened and even distrusted. This will put a huge impact on the entire workforce of the firm. Employees who weren't involved might feel uncomfortable and upset because of the test that was conducted on them. An impact on the employees can be a negative impact on the firm as well. Employees who are not happy might not work properly. In certain situations a test is unavoidable, but there can be times when you can avoid the lie-detecting test, or maybe investigate properly first and then conduct the test on employee (s) who you think can be involved. This is one disadvantage of the test.

·         Results in further honesty: Once the employers conduct a lie-detecting test, the employees become conscious. There are always a few people who work dishonestly and resort to unethical activities within the firm. These employers might be doing stuff under the nose of the employers. If this test is performed once, this will keep creating fear in the employees. They will think twice before doing anything unethical.This works as a great advantage of taking a polygraph test.

·         Inaccuracy: These tests do not always produce the right results; there is no certainty that they might yield the right results. Sometimes it might so happen that an employee is honest, but then because a test is being conducted, her physical reactions change, the machine will record those reactions only, this will lead the company to make a wrong investigation.

It is necessary to be very careful with a lie detecting test. Employers should not hurry into the test and take their time before conducting it on their employees.
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