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What are the advantages of adjustable beds?

What are the advantages of adjustable beds?

An adjustable bed coupled with memory foam mattress makes the bed suitable for promoting better health. These days, the adjustable bed frames are not found in hospitals alone. In many houses, movable bed bases are finding its place in many houses also as it can enrich sleeping experience resulting in the improvement of several health issues. The important benefits of using in homes are given below.
        Lightens back pain
        Alleviate asthma, snoring and sleep apnea
        Lessens heartburn and acid reflux
        Lessen insomnia
        Improves digestion
        Enhance circulation

  1. Lightens back pain: By adjusting at the head and foot of the bed one gets an opportunity to provide correct support to the spine alleviating the pressure on the sciatic nerve. As the surface of adjustable bed can be made matching to the body’s contouring closely, painful conditions like sciatica resulting from the nerve’s confinement in the spine’s base can be improved.
  2. Alleviate asthma, snoring and sleep apnea: When lying in a flat position, the neck exerts extra weight on windpipe that closes it and it makes noise known as snoring. When adjustable beds are used, it helps to reduce the extra weight from the windpipe. Thus snoring is reduced or eliminated completely. Similarly sleeping in adjustable bed frames in an angled position with raised head improves airflow, reduces the obstructions to airflow, and provides uninterrupted sleep to sleep apnea patients.
  3. Lessen heartburn and reflux: Even people who do not go to sleep with a full stomach can feel heartburn and reflux. Sleeping on a flat mattress makes the acids in the food to move towards esophagus, which results in heartburn and reflux. 6-8 inch inclining of the head has proved to keep the acids in the stomach itself allowing healthier digestion.
  4. Lessen insomnia: People suffering from insomnia often seek the magic remedy for a peaceful sleep. In the case of insomnia, anadjustable bed can provide better sleep experience as comfortable positioning of the head is helpful in getting good sleep. Perfect bed position can increase the blood and oxygen supply and help in attaining sleep faster. It can be helpful in preventing tossing and turning during sleep.
  5. Improved digestion: When body sleeps it is working to digest the food we have eaten. Lying flat has been found to obstruct the food processing. Lying in an adjustable bed frames with a head lift of 6 inches has been found to improve digestion.
  6. Enhanced blood circulation: By properly using an adjustable bed the sleep-positions can be fine-tuned to reduce the pressure on the heart and thereby increase the blood flow. Thus will the help of the correct position for sleeping obtained with the help of adjustable bed can increase the flow of blood to the heart and other organs.
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