Monday, August 5, 2019

1. General talk about social media sites

1.   General talk about social media sites
Social media is slowly emerging in everyone’s life and changing it entirely. We can notice that before social media is becoming an integral part in many people’s lives which can be watched on how long they stick to those sites. These sites influences us a lot and it gets to know all the current events and informs us if someone’s birthday or some event is going to happen in the recent days.
Definition of social media
Social media is a website or app which allows anyone to interact with new or known people or post some picture or content or video or get to know about new people. Most people use these platforms for online communication as it is easy to use and we can talk with anyone across the world without any distance limitations.
Generally social media depends on the user-generated content and so one can become popular in short span of time if they keep posting some valuable content in that. This is why the blogs and other typical websites are not included in the social media world. People who are having an account in this social media sites can post on them and so they can get a popular one in such sites. Some people, buy Tiktok likesand try to attain popularity in the social media websites in short span of time as the number of likes one gets when a post is posted will directly influence their popularity.
Rapid growth of social media
We can notice that the growth of social media happened in less than a decade and the growth was so rapid because everyone without any age bar uses these sites. This was so easy to communicate and share their living styles to the friends and family circle which reduced the communication gap.
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