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Benaroya Hall And Its Ticket Availability

Benaroya Hall And Its Ticket Availability
Benaroya Halland Benaroya Theaterare located in Downtown Seattle, Washington. It was built and was inaugurated on 12th of September 1998. The Benaroya Hall Seattlehas two auditoria, one which is named as the S. Mark Taper Foundation which has an auditorium of seating capacity of 2500 and another auditorium known as the Illsley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall has a seating capacity of 536.
Benaroya Hall is known for its acoustics which was built with a touch of technological beauty, the luxury arrangements and for its location, which is at the heart of Downtown Seattle.
Benaroya Hall is named after the noted philanthropist Jack Benaroya, who donated $15.8 million which was the highest contributed amount donated for the construction of the facility.
The Hall Design:
·         The hall was designed by LMN Architects of Seattle.
·         The team of LMN architects who designed the Benaroya Hall was awarded the National Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects in the year 2001.
·         The structural design was done under the supervision of Magnusson Klemencic Associates.
·         As the building sits directly below the Great Northern Tunnel, this is one of the main transits in Seattle and is a prime rail corridor. The Great Northern Tunnel and in turn Benaroya Hall is also located adjacent to the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel.
·         The construction of the Benaroya Hall in Seattle is such that it is insulated from the sounds of the vehicles or other transits which passes through the railway or from the road.
There are various online sites to book a ticket in the Benaroya Hall for the ease of the customer. Benaroya Hall ticketsare distributed mainly for musical bands, music from different recognized musicians in the world and also to some Government organizations to host a program.
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