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Important features of Islamic Spirituality (الروحانيات) explained

Important features of Islamic Spirituality (الروحانيات) explained

Islam does not consider its spiritualityas distinct from the everyday activities of its followers. According to Islam, everything ought to be spiritual as all the actions in human life are in accordance with the God’s pleasure only.This is the view one can derive from the understanding of the tawhid, which means oneness of God, and from the Islamic creed. Only spiritual Sheikh (شيخ روحاني) can help in learning about the straight path.

Everything has to be done according to the pleasure of God

It is a major concept of the Islamic spirituality that has created a new perspective, a worldview and a unique behaviour of the religion of Islam.This essentially means that all actions from taking a shower to grabbing a flower from the floor have to be referred to the creator. This type of spirituality found in Islam establishes a constant awareness, and acceptance of God in each and every activity a Muslim performs Islam’s understanding of Spirituality (الروحانيات) is unlike the common secular understanding.It is constantly related to God and is based in believing that everything one does is in accordance with the pleasure of God.

God’s consciousness is dynamic and not static

According to Islam, the consciousness of God is related to the dependency of an individual to his lord.The activities that have been prescribed by God himself and the extent of its acceptance and following of them by an individual decide the level of God’s consciousness.The Spirituality (الروحانيات) programs are effective means that can be used to change the negative habits and traits of a Muslim. Prayers, remembrance of God, giving charity, reflecting on creation, fasting, meditation, reading Quran etc. are some of these activities that can change the negative habit of a Muslim.

Developing good character

Development of good character is an important aspect, which has been emphasized by Prophet Mohammed,Islam and spiritual Sheikh (شيخ روحاني). Engaging in practice of prayers, remembrance of God, meditation and other religious activities can change the heart and bring one closer to God.

Heart is very important


In every human body, there is a small piece of flesh known as the heart. If it is good, the body will be in full happiness and if it is corrupt, the body will be corrupt giving way for all kinds of unhappiness.


God consciousness


IslamicSpirituality (الروحانيات) gives emphasis to God consciousness.It is believed that without spirituality the attitude and behaviour of a Muslim tends to be corrupted. The benefits of God consciousness are explained well in Quran.

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