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Know More About Hair Loss Treatment In Women

Hair Loss in Women:About one-third of the total population of female experience hair loss or what is called Alopecia. Generally, these problems start after Menopause. Hair fall in women is a great deal as it is more effective on the society than that it is for men because for men, baldness is held as a common symptom that progresses due to ageing.
The main reason due to which hair loss occurs is due to the Androgenic Hormones, also known as androgenic alopecia. Though the receding hairline for that of the male us different from that of a female. In males, the sides in the front generally recede first then the front middle portion making an ‘M’, while in females the receding pattern is different.
For hair loss in women, there can be many causes out of which the reasons may include medical or health-related issues, due to some kind of medication, physical and emotional stress.
There is three types of hair loss pattern:
1.      Type-1:
Minimal thinning of hair that may be hidden if required.
2.      Type-2:
It shows characterized decrease in by volume in the widened mid-line part.
3.      Type-3:
Diffuse thinning of your hair with a see-through appearance till you scalp.
Hair Loss Treatment for women:
1.      Minoxidil:
This drug was initially assumed to control high blood pressure.  Although when people took medicines containing Minoxidil, they reported that were no effects on the pressure rather the medicine has been the cause of the growth of hair in parts where they have lost the same. After which studies also showed that the fact was after all true.

2.      Anti-androgen:
DHT or dihydrotestosterone is the hormone which is mainly responsible for Androgenic alopecia that is hair loss due to o excess of DHT hormone inside the body. This can happen to both male and females. In females, DHT can bring about baldness due to which it is mostly advised to use anti-androgenic best shampoo for hair regrowth, and anti-androgenic drugs like spironolactone also called Aldactone.  Best shampoo for hair loss is the ones that use anti-androgenic developed contents in it to prevent hair loss.

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