Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Webtoon- The Reincarnated Better Version Of Comic Books

When recalling one’s childhood, a good amount of memories are associated with the things they loved to do as a child. Drawing or playing out with friends or reading comics. Comics were, in fact, favourite of most of this generation adult in their childhood. Boasting of one’s comics collection and sharing it with friends was the best childhood memory of most people.Reading stories of favourite characters and making them one’s ideals, associating with them and hoping to meet them someday this was a daily dream. But this generation ofchildren hardly has access to such comic books. They have much better options to choose from.
The new way of comic-reading
Webtoons are the digitalized version of comic books and are fun to read. With amazing artwork and interesting stories, these webtoons are increasingly gaining popularity. There are several online portals with incredible webtoons collection. is one such site with a great collection of webtoons ranging from different genres. The great thing is that this Korean webtoon site I not meant just for kids but also has intriguing webtoon collection for adults as well. The full of colour animated characters with their speech bubbles are extremely beautiful and deliver fun stories. Korean webtoons usually come in series with succeeding episodes published every week on the webtoon. The anticipation and excitement for the next episode are what makes it the most interesting.

Another interesting perk of webtoon over normal comics is that webtoons have a different comment section, where readers post their perception of what they thought the storyline meant and how it would proceed. This, along with providing help to those who couldn't understand the webtoon also gives birth to discussions and debates between readers, thus making the webtoon culture even more intriguing. Webtoons thus are something which is meant for every age group and can be easily read on
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