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1. All you need to learn is about herbarium

1.  All you need to learn is about herbarium
The herbarium is a kind of place where the plants or the herbs that are collected from far away and are preserved and these are presser on a dry conditions. They have been kept on the pigeon holes of the almirah according to any system that accepts the classification. 
The functions of herbarium
The modern herbarium will be serving as a valuable functions or the utility. It has some importance too. It is an invaluable conservatory of the plants material and the data.It is a kind of store house where it has a collection that includes the valuable type of specimens. The Hkherbariumare greatly aided in all kinds of the taxonomic researches. It will be serving as a fundamental resource for the identification of all the plants around the world.
As the herbarium serves as an aid in the bio diversity monitoring by carrying out some security of the herbarium collection in order to obtain some quantitative baseline of the distribution and the abundance of the keystone species that are essential for all the program of monitoring.
These serves as a repository of the voucher specimens where the varieties of botanical researchers that are carried out.
Different types of herbaria
These will be depending based on the interest of the organization or the institution the labels, the content and the notes that are on the sheets in the herbarium are of different kinds. Like based on organizations, regional, local and the herbaria of university, colleges, and the institutions.  These might be of some different categories such as drugs and medicinal plants, crop plants and the weeds in a cultivated fields etc.
How herbariums are made
The making of herbarium involves in the process of collecting, drying, poisoning stitching, mounting, labeling and depositions etc.
The first step is the plants are being collected, where the angiosperm material must be chosen where it has grown leaves, and complete inflorescence, flower, and the fruits. In case it is necessary one has to visit the spot. And they will be collecting the rare species. With the collected species they will be drying these and they will add some kind of chemical to it. In simple words they will be poisoning it.
The last step is about identification and the determination of the plants. Basically the identification is considered to be the process through which the specimen names are not known and these are recognized by their characters that are known to the plants and the names given. Once the identification is over, one of the important process is about using the correct nomenclature. And make sure you use the latest nomenclature always.
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