Wednesday, July 31, 2019

1. Is it possible to earn money by posting videos

1.  Is it possible to earn money by posting videos
Build your own channel
A video channel is the place, were one can post the videos, they are making and publish it. This posted videos will be watched by the subscribers and if the video seems to be good and knowledgeable, then it will be shared among their friends. All the websites which allows to post videos and lets to create channels in their website for free of cost and so one need to worry about investment, if they have a laptop or desktop with good internet connection.
Some people who shoot videos will be needing a camera for posting videos like live videos, product review and other related stuffs. If they are going to videos like animated, such videos doesn’t needs any camera too, just knowledge about animation is enough.
Earning money with videos
Here comes the major part of our discussion. By posting just videos won’t help us to earn money. The video web portals will give us money only if we have good numbers of views and subscribers for our channel. But getting good number of views in the competitive world is tough and so one can get youtube views from the various websites which will sell them.
The number of views, we have for our website is directly proportional to the money we earn, so put maximum efforts to get good number of views. This could be possible if we post the link for the video in various social media platforms and ask the viewers to share the video link if the liked the video.

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