Wednesday, July 31, 2019

1. Discussion on the famous types of videos

1.  Discussion on the famous types of videos
When we get to look into the famous video based websites, we can notice that the videos which has more number of youtube views will be pushed to the top of the feed and so we will watch those videos and share it if we like it. Some websites, even categorize these videos based on the genre or kind they fall into. Here are some of the famous video types which can easily get a spot in the top of trending feed.
Cooking videos
Most of us knows to cook many recipes yet we look into the internet for some help in the cooking. We know to cook a dish in a simple way but if you get a chance to view the different videos that is being posted on the internet for the same recipe then you will get lots of videos which will advise you and helps you in the betterment of the dish.
These kind of videos are more useful for the people who don’t even know cooking or wants to duplicate a recipe which they had tasted in a restaurant or some food place. Some people tries to add humor and some extra tips to make the same dish in a better way which attract more viewers to the channel.
Self-improvement videos
Even though this doesn’t sound to be one of the most viewed videos but everyone tries to see any motivational videos or inspirational stories which helps in improving themselves into a better version. This is proved by a research conducted with the general people and it seems like everyone watch of these videos often. This might look more like an educational videos but they are meant to help the viewers in improving their life styles instead of entertaining. Most people who creates these type of videos uses animations or slides of pictures for this.

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