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Getting guidance on how to sign the preliminary contract of sale (voorlopig koopcontract)

Getting guidance on how to sign the preliminary contract of sale (voorlopig koopcontract)

The sale of property is gaining momentum in the market as more people are looking to own and increase their assets. You will find that a high percentage of the population especially those who are working own a car. It is a great asset to have and provides great convenience. You have an easy time moving from one destination to the next especially if you have children. Whether you are buying a house, car, or any other item, it is imperative that you get to sign a deed of sale (koopakte). This according to experts helps to seal the deal. It is therefore very important to ensure that you get this document for the item that you purchase.

Get the fine details of the contract

Engaging the services of a professional makes it very easy for you to gain a better understanding of instances where you may need to sign a preliminary contract of sale (voorlopig koopcontract). Before making any moves, ask the professional for the relevant details to help put to rest any doubts that you may have in the process. The law comes in to protect the rights of both the buyer and seller in a contract. It is therefore very important that you know exactly what you are getting into. Some of the commonly asked questions that may also be ringing in your mind include,

  • What is a deed of sale?
  • What does a deed of sale entail?
  • Who should prepare the deed of sale?
  • What next after signing the deed of sale?

If you are making a house of purchase (koopakte huis) for the first time, you may be wondering what the process is like as well as how it all ends. It is the duty of the professional that you choose to lay out all the intricate details as well as explain at length all the requirements. This allows you to understand that the deed of sale (koopakte) is a document that aims to protect you as the byer as well as the seller. The document contains the details of the transaction and should be notarized by a lawyer in order to make it legal and binding.

The deed should contain all the essential details

The preliminary contract of sale (voorlopig koopcontract) acts as a draft to the final document that you the buyer and the seller should sign. The deed provides all the essential details of the transaction including the full names of the seller and buyer, the address and contacts. It should also contain the full details of the item being purchased as well as the amount of the purchase. The law requires that the seller draws the house of purchase (koopakte huis) agreement containing all the details required. Upon signing of the document, the seller relinquishes all ownership rights and transfers them to the buyer who becomes the new owner.

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