Wednesday, July 10, 2019

1. Saving teeth from improper usage of grills

1.  Saving teeth from improper usage of grills
Rappers are identified by the way, they dress, their body mannerism and the way of showing off their attitude to everyone. So they use different kind of bling jewels to showcase to their fans that they are present there. One such act is by using grills on their teeth which comes as iced out jewelry.
These are bit risky to wear yet most of the rappers wear this to show their style and swag. Some people opt for gold, enamel or other precious metals based grills to cover their teeth which will flash and provide glittering effect when the stage flash light falls on their face.
Precautions while wearing grill
No research studies or any scientific proof shows that showing that wearing grills are harmful to the mouth but it doesn’t have any proven result to show that it is safe to wear for long time either. People are going out of mind when trying to resemble like their favorite celebrities. They are using some glue to fix the dental grills permanently in which the glue is not meant to be used internally, thus resulting in serious problems. Eating while wearing these needs extra care and so be careful as there are chances to swallow too when wearing these grills. It’s better to take extra care or to remove those grills while eating.
Choosing the best grills for your teeth
Some materials are harmful to teeth and might help the germs to be spread in gums in an easy way when such materials are used for long time. It’s best to choose the grills material which is suitable for your skin from the wide range like  diamond, gold grills and we also need to check they doesn’t have any allergic reaction . A grill must fit in the teeth well else it might be causing irritation to our gums.
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