Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Where to buy an acre on the moon?

Where to buy an acre on the moon?

When one talks about real estate, they mean a nice cozy little house or a piece of land available on our tiny part of the universe, but with the new advancements in space travel capabilities, you might even end up owning a property on the moon itself. Though these ventures seem outwardly bizarre, imagine the prospects of owning an acre on the moon. The value of a property could increase manifolds in the future if invested in the right one that is. Many people here on Earth have grown tired of investing in land property on the basis of how expensive it is, in that regard the moon is much better off.

With several craters dotting the lunar landscape, there's many avenues open for one to own a lakefront property. Once the moon is colonized these large craters will be filled with water so as to accommodate the colony and it's needs, this leads to the rise of property market value overall on all fronts for those lucky few who buy an acre on the moon. It's the perfect conversation starter as well for anyone looking to boast about their sleek interstellar crib. The ability to flaunt something like that is in itself a privilege beyond compare.

Some still might wonder why they should invest money to buy a piece on the moon when they would much rather have a piece of Earth dirt instead, albeit being a good question the answer is quite simple. The appeal is in the product itself and you get the chance to give that to someone else if it's not something you'd like to buy for yourself. It works as the perfect gift for someone who wants to feel like they have a part of the galaxy to call their own. It's a genuine and novel gift for those young potential astronauts.

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